This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


The radio talk show host asked, “Where is your most romantic place?”

My ears swiveled and my attention wandered from the road to the radio. Where is the 40-something talk-show host going with this conversation.

His staff volunteered places like Hawaii, the top of Sugar Loaf and Sunset Cliffs in California.

Mark Arum kinda snickered and shared he thought the most romantic place was Blockbuster. What?

Are you familiar with Blockbuster?

Back in the day, when streaming might be considered something you did in a small river, you had to leave home, drive to a physical store, browse through aisles of movies (first video tapes (VHS and Beta) and later DVDs), then pay a couple bucks to rent a movie for one evening. And Blockbuster Video was THE place to rent movies. In its glory days, they opened a Blockbuster every 24 hours and there were over 9,000 stores.

But I digress.

Mark shared that in his younger, dating days, anytime a woman he was dating agreed to go to Blockbuster with him, rent a movie and go watch it at his place, he knew their relationship was progressing. It was a sort of his gauge on her interest in him.

Personally, I never considered Blockbuster a romantic place. When I realized why he considered it romantic, I was reminded of the importance of understanding, different people consider different things and places romantic.

Would you or your sweetheart have considered Blockbuster romantic? Probably not.

But what, and this is important, what or where would your sweetheart consider romantic? And why?

To truly romance your sweetheart, become a detective. Sift through the hints your sweetheart provides you and find the place to romance your sweetheart. Whether it’s Venice, Shangri-La or a nearby trail, discover your sweetheart’s Blockbuster romantic place.

I invite you to write me and tell me the location of your romantic place and why


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