This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


Tell me if I’m wrong but society says it’s the guy’s responsibility to initiate Romantic Interludes.

This same society says guys aren’t romantic, only women are romantic, and women must wait for their guy to romance them.

If you buy into that hooey, romance will never happen. Nobody will win.

While I intentionally encourage both men and women to romance their sweetheart, more of those suggestions seem to target the men in the audience.

Fortunately, not all women waste time waiting for their sweetheart to make the first move.

Dan writes,

Earlier this year my job was taking its toll on me. I’d fight battles all day and then drag myself home. She, being my sweetheart, knew the pounding my spirit was taking.

Coming home one evening, she smiled and exchanged the stuff in my hands for a handwritten note. The note told me how proud she was of me, how well I was handling everything, and that she was praying everything would get better for me because I deserved it. Those words boosted my spirit, setting our evening onto a different trajectory.

Dustin shared,

It’d been a decade since high school. I still hung on to a collection of my favorite teenage t-shirts. They didn’t fit and looked rather sad.

Arriving home from a business trip, she asked if we could spend the evening watching TV by the fireplace. After unpacking, I walked into the living room. She pulled out a quilt she’d made from the collection of my old t-shirts and invited me to snuggle under the quilt with her. My heart melted.

Each lady initiated the Romantic Interlude. They didn’t wait for him to make the first move.

You can do the same thing because when either one of you instigates a Romantic Interlude, both of you win. 


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