This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


In high school, I was an average student. Think my cumulative GPA was maybe around a “C+”. Not very remarkable.

In the middle of my 3rd year, for some unknown reason I decided to see if I could make a 3.0 Grade Point Average for the quarter – become a “B” student. For any “C” I received, I’d have to offset with an “A”. For this average student, that seemed daunting.

But I had a goal, a target, and set to work.

That quarter’s report card displayed a GPA of just over 3.0.

Unfortunately, that accomplishment went uncelebrated. I slid back into average. It took 10 years (graduate school) before I regained my scholastic focus and was even invited into a scholastic society.

But this isn’t about my aptitude as a student. This is about romantic lessons.

First, attaining that scholastic goal was easier than I thought.

I could have let the mission impossible of a 3-point GPA immobilize this “average” kid. Why try? I might fail. I was comfortable as average.

But when I set my goal and put forth the effort, I amazed myself at the relative ease of attaining my goal.

You may not feel very romantic. You might think, “There’s nothing special about me.” Yet if you decide to be more romantic and put in the effort, you might surprise yourself at your ability.

Second lesson. If you have romance in your relationship, look around for someone to encourage. Make a difference in their relationship. Let them know you believe they have the ability to be romantic.

Your words of encouragement might be the boost they need to step out of their relational rut and become more romantic. You could be the encouragement to reveal the straight “A” student of romance hidden inside them.


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