This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


I have great memories of mischievous things I did with close friends. It was often things only we knew about, or we were the only ones who knew who was responsible.

  • The time Holly, Jimmy and I crawled under the Quonset hut at school and knocked slow morse code messages on the floor above us.
  • When three of us threw dirt clods on the roof of a friend’s house, trying to scare them out of a bad situation. Or,
  • Jill and I paid for a single mom’s meal and didn’t let the waiter tell her until we’d left.

 When you and a friend do something that’s a little “outside the lines”, it creates a unique connection between you – a shared secret.

This is true also in the relationship with your sweetheart.

 What do you remember doing with your sweetheart that was a bit mischievous, something only the two of you knew about it or knew who was responsible?

You got amused watching other people try to figure out who done it. Then you’d avoid glancing at each other, afraid you’d start giggling like two little girls. No one knows our secret but us.


So why not deliberately create a bit of non-destructive mischief together. Here some ideas.

Before going into a bookstore, create a dozen or so short paper messages. Ideas: “You won’t believe what happens on page 287”, “Are you still reading this book?” or “I ghost wrote this book”. Place these messages inside some books.

At a party. See how many things you can move without getting caught. Turn music on the piano stand upside down. Rearrange photos. Move books on a coffee table. When you’re done, compare notes over a cup.

While not overtly “romantic”, it’s your secret, your shared memory. Nobody knows. Just we two.


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