This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


Romance reminds your sweetheart (and you) why you fell in love, why this relationship is special. And those memories are unique between the two of you.

Think back to the early days of your relationship.

  • How long ago was it?
  • Do you remember what made you first notice your sweetheart?
  • What were you doing?
  • Who gave the first signal or made the first move?
  • Was there a rival you overcame?
  • When did you become a couple? How did you know?
  • How long did you date before the first kiss and “I love you”?
  • Was there a song?

You probably just took a short stroll along a long path of pleasant memories. You might even have a smile on your face as images, sights and scents revived.

Imagine spending an evening wandering with your sweetheart through those memories.

It’s good to be reminded of how it all started, the point in your lives where the adventure of your relationship began. When you share those memories with your sweetheart, it reconnects you at an intimate level because those memories are exclusively yours. That’s romantic.

Several days in advance, ask your sweetheart to join you for an evening of wandering through memories of those early days. Share the above questions with your sweetheart and/or add a few of your own.

Add one more thing for this evening.  Set up a camera to record this romantic tour.

The reason for recording your conversation?

  1. You’ll have a memory to revisit whenever you want, and
  2. It will be a gift you can share with your children.

Imagine that. Together, you’ve created a memory you can return to whenever you want. You’ve created a treasure for your kids. And together you’ve created a Romantic Interlude.


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