This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


Robert, guess I’m not be very romantic.”

Right. I’ve heard that opening before. A bit of a variation on I’m-not-the-romantic-type excuse for not romancing his sweetheart, but probably the same message.

I mentally downloaded my usual repertoire of repartees to this excuse and prepared to set him straight.

You see, Robert, a couple times a month I take Mona to this little restaurant near our home. I ask them to put a single yellow roses in a bud vase at our table. Those are her favorite flowers. We know the menu and unless the special is something really appealing, we pretty much order the same food.

“We dine for a couple hours, chatting about dreams, hopes, memories and us. Sometimes the conversation gets kinda deep. Other times we’ll laugh ‘till it hurts. Then in a week or two, we’ll repeat the evening.”

Mona stood there holding Will’s hand, and before I could launch into my prepared speech, she cut in.

You know, Robert, those evenings are so romantic for me.”

Imagine that. Here’s a guy who romances his sweetheart the same way over and over, and she loves it. There was zero hint of frustration in her voice. No trace of annoyance. Nothing to indicate any hidden longing for a change in their romantic evening routine.

The more I mulled it over in my mind and analyze what I’d heard, the clearer it became that this guy was genius.

  1. Mona liked the comfort of knowing what to expect;
  2. Mona preferred Will to romance her with the gift of his time; and
  3. Will romanced Mona how she wanted to be romanced.

She didn’t want variety in romance. She relished having his attention in familiar surroundings. And Will delivered in a way she found romantic.



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