This short "Romantic Memo" contains thoughts, observations, research and ideas about Keeping RomanceAlive  in relationships.


Don read the message for a third time. “Please pickup gruyère, cardamom, sage and orange juice. Thanks sweetheart.”

Last night, Joan suggested cooking something different for tonight’s dinner. “Let’s make dinner together tomorrow night and explore a new dish.

Thus, Don’s quest.

Orange juice would be at the grocery store. And probably this sage stuff too. But gruyère and cardamom? Maybe the drug store? Would make sense. He was stopping there for Sudafed. He’d ask about it.

Fortunately, while at the grocery store Don asked about the unknown items.

  • Gruyère is a type of cheese, and
  • Cardamon is a spice used in Indian food.

Gruyère cheese for gruyère quiche. Cardamon and sage for coconut-honey-masala flan – dessert.

Don arrived home a bit apprehensive. New food, new ingredients and cooking an unknown dish together?

A measuring cup of this, a dash or sprinkle of that transformed interesting ingredients into attractive dishes with aromatic flavors. Mismeasurements and a dropped egg elicited laughter and occasional kisses.

To keep you Romance and Relationships flourishing, keep it fresh.

Cooking a meal together result in closeness – you’ve worked jointly to conqueror and create. And when you explore something unusual, it adds a flavorful spice to your relationship. It creates a shared memory between the two of you.

Life, relationships and romance can sink into predictable routines – ruts. It takes determination and energy to create something different, to take a unique path, to design a new Romantic Interlude, to keep things fresh between you.

When you stick to familiar, stale, predictable routines, your romance and even your relationship wilts.

However, when you open yourself up and expand your horizons beyond the familiar, you’ll introduce a freshness that keeps your Romance Alive.

Joan added candlelight and champagne with orange juice (mimosas) to the meal. The evening was fun, relationship-building, memory-making and romantic.


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