RomanceAlive Experience


The RomanceAlive Experiece invites couples to focus on their relationship. 

  • They are invited to listen, discuss, answer questions and involve themselves in activities designed to teach them how to romance their sweetheart.
  • They learn that a little time spent romancing their sweetheard can build a solid, delightful relationship with that special person.

The RomanceAlive Experiece lets you bring a program to your audience that helps them grow as a couple and as a person, something to improve your community.

Whether you are looking for an evening program or a weekend experience, the RomanceAlive Experiece can be customized to meet the needs or plans for your group.


To  host a RomanceAlive Event, contact us:


Dear Friend:

It was our privilege, as a couple, to attend a Romance Alive Experience hosted by Robert Beagle.


Never before had I experienced such a meeting! In 2 hours we covered elements of romance overlooked by our fast paced life styles.


The seminar showed us how to contemplate the importance of romance in our relationship.


I thought it may be a seminar on sex, but I was pleasantly surprised to observe that romance, though it may lead to a sexual encounter, is NOT sex but has a deepening & enriching effect on the relationship.


This seminar teaches what our sex oriented society has forgotten: that relationships – deep, fulfilling, wonderful relationships, are built by romantic overtures over time; creative stimulating thoughtful deeds that set a tone of beauty & wonder.


I think this seminar should be taught to our young people, college age & married adults. There should be a rebirth of romance.


Cliff R.

Chattanooga, TN